prospective students


Am I hiring students?

Yes, I am actively recruiting PhD students to USC in 🍁 Fall 2022! Thanks for your interest ☀️ in my research! Applications are open, and the deadline to submit your application is Dec 15th, 2021. Please consider selecting my name as a potential advisor, especially if your research interests match mine 🌵

USC waived GRE scores ⚡ for graduate admissions in Fall 2022 and offers fee waivers to select applicants.


If you are applying to USC, should you send me an email?

You do not have to email me, especially since I haven’t officially started at USC and do not have any control over the admissions process. My recommendation to you is to apply through the regular PhD program admissions by December 15th and USC will be in touch with you regarding the next steps. I plan to go over all applications that list me as a potential advisor. 🌾


If you are already at USC and are looking for advising, should you send me an email?

Please feel free to email me. However, you should know that there is not much I can officially do, just yet. It would be great to meet you and learn about your interests, though! 👋