contact information and FAQ for prospective students

Am I recruiting?

Yes, I am actively recruiting one PhD student in ๐Ÿ Fall 2023! I am looking to hire someone excited about constrained decoding and language generation. Thanks for your interest โ˜€๏ธ in my research!

Should you send me an email?


PhD Applicants

Due to the high volume of email, there is very little chance I will be able to respond to your email, sorry! However, if you do email me, drop in a few lines about your past work on language generation / constrained decoding, and why youโ€™re interested in pursuing this direction with me in your PhD. I will definitely read your email if and when I see your application. ๐Ÿ‘€

If youโ€™re already at USC:

  • Masters Students:
    • RAships: I might recruit a Masters student interested in constrained decoding and language generation in Spring 2023. Send me a copy of your CV or link me to your website if you email me.
    • TAships: I am not looking for Masters Students as TAs at the moment.
  • PhD Students: I no longer have any open TA or RA positions available, but if you think our interests overlap considerably and would like to collaborate, do email me. I might be slow to respond.
  • Undergrads: Please feel free to email me if you are looking for research opportunities. See other opportunities at CURVE USC.

If youโ€™re not at USC:

  • High-school students: Please consider K-12 research opportunities at USC, I do not know my plans to recruit summer students yet.
  • Prospective Masters students: At the moment, I have no openings for you - apologies!
  • Prospective PhD students: See above.
  • Others: I might not respond if youโ€™re looking for recruitment - apologies! Other emails about research questions etc. are welcome, though I might be slow to respond to them.